These two luxury high rise condo buildings are two latest new additions to the Downtown San Diego skyline and built by one of the premier developers on the west coast, BOSA Development.

Pacific Gate introduced in 2018 as a new and unique product, categorized in the “super prime” category. What is meant as super prime is that the building offers a level of amenities, services and finishes that no other building can match.

Savina was introduced in 2019, also as a luxury product but not quite a “super prime” product. Savina’s main attractive is the location, right at the edge of the Columbia District and Little Italy District.

In this comparison we’ll evaluate location, amenities, lifestyle, residences and views for each building.

As top selling brokerage at Savina and also combining Savina and Pacific Gate together our goal is to offer you the most comprehensive guide and insight into these two amazing buildings.


Location is one of the most important factors when buying real estate, so it is appropriate to start this comparison by addressing the location for both Savina and Pacific Gate.

Pacific Gate sits on the southern part of the Columbia District, right at the intersection of Pacific Hwy and Broadway (across from where the cruise ships arrive in San Diego). At the moment this part of the Columbia District is under construction with the 8 city blocks project Pacific Gateway that will enhance the area immediately west of Pacific Gate.

Savina enjoys a privileged location on the edge of the Columbia District and Little Italy district. This makes this the only building in downtown San Diego that offers luxury living and extremely close proximity to Little Italy lifestyle (restaurants, shops, etc). Since Little Italy has no luxury condo buildings this makes Savina the only option for those that want luxury and being just a block away to all the action on India street.

Savina wins the location category, but just for now, once the Pacific Gateway project is completed, Pacific Gate’s location will be as good or even better than Savina’s.


I have been a downtown San Diego resident since 2004, I live in a BOSA building (The Grande North) and been selling luxury real estate since 2008. I have to say that Pacific Gate amenities are indeed “different” and more sophisticated than any other building in downtown San Diego. These include 24 hr security, a true concierge service (yes, they will book restaurant reservations for you), a fitness center, community lounge room, business center, screening room, pool deck, BBQ deck, sauna & steam room, a guest suite, a pet retreat, a car fleet and a yacht share program.

I would say the three amenity/service that make this building standout is the true concierge service, the car fleet for resident’s use (include 2 Mercedes Benz AMG C63 and two Mercedes Benz GLC 300 SUV’s) and of course, the yacht. Called “Pacific Dream” and is a 45 foot yacht value at approximately $1.5 million. Residents can book this yacht for a small fee (at time of writing was $300 plus fuel charge) for a 4 hour time slot. This are undoubtedly Pacific Gate’s main attractions, especially for out of state or international buyers that have no car and want to arrive home and have all services tendered to them.

Savina offers the typical amenities of any BOSA high rise which include 24 hr security, front desk attendant, pool deck, BBQ deck, sauna & steam room and community lounge room. Savina also has a business center and an incredible yoga deck next to the fitness center which no other building in downtown San Diego offers. Savina takes it to the next level with a pet retreat and pet and bike washing stations. There is no guest suite at Savina which is surprising as it tends to be a popular amenity in other buildings that offer it.

I would say this category is a tie, Pacific Gate offers extravagant amenities and incredible service but Savina offers amenities that are very useful in today’s lifestyle like the pet washing station or the incredible community lounge room (with capacity for 120 people) and fitness center / yoga deck that face the pool deck and are truly exceptional. Savina also offers an hammock lounge for relaxation and an outdoor ping-pong table.