San Diego Quiet Zone
Federal law requires train conductors to honk when approaching railway crossings and intersections.

This all makes sense from a safety point of view but when you have a densely populated area surrounded by residential condominium buildings of all types and 13 railway crossings it can become a bit of a nuisance for those condo residents in the area that are being awaken in the middle of the night by some conductor blasting their horn for no reason.

Well, there is finally good news for residents of downtown San Diego condos specially those living in close proximity to the rail road tracks in buildings like Treo, Breeza, The Grande, Bayside, Electra, Sapphire Tower, Doma, Park Place, The Watermark and others.

Since midnight on Thursday November 29th 2012, the San Diego Quiet Zone is now in full effect and all train companies are now in full compliance.

The San Diego Quiet Zone project was a $20.6 million endeavor to improve safety features of railroad crossings and also to help residents that were being burdened by constant train noise.

The quiet zone covers the 13 crossings between Laurel Street and Park Blvd and train conductors are now required to stop the honking at railroad crossings because all crossing have been revamped to take on necessary precautions and safety features.

More Info on San Diego Quiet Zone Official Site

San Diego Quiet Zone Map