Downtown San Diego Tallest Condo Buildings

What are the tallest residential condo buildings in downtown San Diego?

The tallest downtown San Diego residential condo buildings are:

  1. Electra (Columbia District)
    43 floors
    475 feet
  2. Pinnacle Marina Tower (Marina District)
    36 floors
    450 feet
  3. Pacific Gate (Columbia District)
    41 floors
    449 feet
  4. Harbor Club (Marina District)
    41 floors
    424 feet
  5. The Grande (Columbia District)
    39 floors
    420 feet
  6. Savina (Little Italy District)
    36 Floors
    413 feet
  7. Bayside (Columbia District)
    36 floors
    395 feet
  8. The Mark (East Village District)
    33 floors
    381 feet
  9. Sapphire Tower (Columbia District)
    33 floors
    380 feet
  10. The Metropolitan (East Village District)
    34 floors
    375 feet

These condo buildings are also some of San Diego’s best rated high rise buildings offering an amazing variety of floor plans, amenities, views and lifestyle based on each building’s location.

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