Savina Community Update December 2019

SAVINA | Community Update | December 20, 2019
Savina Residents:
Your Management team has a few updates at Savina that all residents should be apprised of. Management’s goal is to keep an open line of communication and continually provide residents with the most current information.

For homeowner updates Management provided a bulletin board that is located around the corner from the front desk in front of the mail room. The bulletin board is used for posting homeowner communications, meeting agendas, homeowner notices and weekly updates.

A very big THANK YOU to all the residents of SAVINA for their very generous contributions to the Staff Holiday Fund.
Your generosity was overwhelming and the staff all received a very wonderful Holiday Gift. A generous amount of $32,000 was funded from Homeowners and BOSA.

The Management Office will be closed on Tuesday, December 24, 2019 and Wednesday, December 25, 2019 in observance of the Christmas Holiday.
On behalf of all the staff at SAVINA we wish you all a very Happy & Safe Holiday Season.


The master shower is equipped with a hair catcher that must be maintained on a weekly basis to ensure the shower drains properly and does not backup. The front desk has received several calls on this item, which have been turned over to Warranty Services. While Warranty Services is always eager to assist, it is important that Owners understand that this is not a warranty item.

Due to the number of Amazon, FedEx, UPS and US Postal Service packages received this time of year, we ask that you please pick up your packages on the day they are received (or as soon as possible). We have limited storage for these packages and are receive on average about 150+ per day during the Holiday Season. Please also remember to break down your boxes and bring them to the refuse room in the garage located on P1.

Management would like to remind you that cooking grease is one of the major causes of residential sewer main clogs, the grease clings to the insides of the pipes and causes blockage. This Holiday Season please dispose your food waste in the trash and make sure the trash chute door is fully closed after use.

BOSA required usage of the Window Washing equipment to install additional tie offs to prevent the window washing swing stage from swaying. Ultra Building Services began their window washing service on Monday, December 2, 2019 on the southwest corner of the building moving towards and onto Ash. The Window washing is taking longer than expected due to a lot of grime build-up and weather conditions. If you would like to have the windows on your balcony washed at your expense, please contact Carlos Lopez at (619) 315-9697 or email to schedule this.
Please ensure that your windows are closed when the washing is being performed on your stack of the building, and draw your blinds or curtains to ensure privacy. Keep in mind, window washing dates are subject to change due to weather, mechanical issues, etc.

The Association requires that all Owners carry individual condominium insurance. This is separate from the Association’s master policy. The individual condominium insurance policy is to protect the interior of your unit and all the exclusive components and personal belongings in the event of a loss, either within the community or in your own unit. Even if the damage is a result from common area, without adequate insurance coverage, an Owner may still find themselves responsible for the repairs that are “walls-in.”

The master hazard insurance policy maintained by the Association primarily provides coverage for the common area elements of the Savina community, and in accordance with section 11.2 of the association’s CC&Rs, it will not provide coverage for items located within the units. This means that in the event of a loss, the master insurance policy will replace the unfinished walls, ceilings and floors of the residences only. It is the responsibility of each Owner’s personal condominium insurance policy (HO-6) to replace all other structural and non-structural items belonging to the Owner.

The master policy for Savina will not provide coverage within the residential units for items such as wall, floor and ceiling coverings, cabinetry, countertops, appliances, fixtures, personal property and belongings of the owners including but not limited to furniture and electronics.

In addition to purchasing appropriate limits of building insurance coverage for replacement of the residential unit interiors, all Owners should discuss coverage with their agent for the following items not covered by the Association’s policy:

Personal Liability coverage to protect owners from liability incidents within the residences.
Minimum Recommended Limit: $1,000,000 (per CC&Rs)
Guest Medical coverage to provide no-fault medical coverage for incidents of personal injury to guests within the residential unit.
Minimum Recommended Limit: $1,000
Loss of Use coverage to collect funds associated with alternative living accommodations in the event of the residential unit being uninhabitable due to loss.
Minimum Recommended Limit: Dependent on Each Particular Owners’ Needs
Loss Assessment coverage to cover special assessments that may be levied upon the homeowner in the event of liability for a loss.
Minimum Recommended Limit: $25,000
Personal Property coverage to ensure replacement of personal items such as couches, TVs, desks, chairs, tables, computers, etc. in the event of loss.
Minimum Recommended Limit: Dependent on Each Particular Owners’ Needs

Owners are required to provide the Association with current proof of coverage on an annual basis, which can be emailed to Management (please see below for contact information) or dropped off at the onsite Assistant General Manager’s office or the General Manager’s office.

For more information on Savina condos please view our page dedicated to Savina Condos Downtown San Diego.

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