Why use our Services to Purchase a Property?

Our team is formed by a group of well-rounded professionals with multi cultural backgrounds that was hand selected over the years and that fit into the firm’s culture fostering collaboration and continuous improvement.

Always adapting to the ever changing market, over the years we have set up processes and best practices that allow us to easily scale without compromising our ability to deliver a superior client service experience. We also make it a priority to stay on the forefront of innovation in a technology driven industry, offering our buyers the very best in home search and transaction management tools.

Our professionals are seasoned experts and savvy negotiators and strive to provide a standard of client service and care that is unmatched in the industry, always going above and beyond to surpass our client’s expectations.

Our commitment is to delivering a high level of expertise with extensive hyper local market knowledge, savvy negotiations and innovative technology. Our mission is to offer an unmatched level of personal service carried out with courtesy, discretion, integrity and confidentiality.


We are a boutique brokerage so we typically work with a select number of clients at any given time. This is critical in our ability to deliver a superior client service experience in the process of buying a property.

We take the time to fully understand our client’s needs, goals and lifestyle demands by carefully listening and always paying close attention to detail. By doing so we can fine tune our services to enhance the buying experience based on the client’s profile.

Our team will go above and beyond to explore all different avenues to locate the ideal property. We don’t just rely on the inventory listed on the market (thru the Multiple Listing Service) but we also actively look for off market opportunities also know as “pocket listings”.


We strive to keep open communications with our clients and providing important updates in real time as well offering daily, weekly or monthly reports with up to date property listings and market trends.

Our international client profile demands us to adapt to the multiple time zones around the world and we take pride in being available 24 x 7. No matter what time or day it is we make ourselves available via phone, text message, email, Skype, WhatsApp or any other method that might work better for the client.


As technology and the Internet become increasingly important in our lives we make it a priority to implement the latest technology in real estate search, real estate sales, real estate marketing, client communications, transaction and client relationship management. We take pride in offering a custom suite of the latest technology available in the industry today helping us to maximize efficiency and continuously improve the client service experience.


Our team will explore all different avenues available to find the one property that will suit our client’s needs better. This is increasingly important in a “sellers market”  in which inventory might be limited. We take a multidimensional approach to finding the perfect property.

  • Multiple Listing Service Property Listings (MLS)
  • Off Market Properties from our own portfolio
  • Off Market Properties offered by our network of top producing brokers
  • Off Market Properties thru our network of clients
  • Off Market Properties by reaching out to home owners directly


As many clients prefer to search online at their own pace our website updates property listings every hour making it one of the best and most reliable sources for searching real estate for sale. Our clients can create a personal account and sign up to receive real time or daily email reports with up to date property listings.


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San Diego Real Estate
Buyers Agent Services



    • Assisting you in determining your purchasing power and best financing structure for your purchase.
    • Shall you require a loan we have terrific contacts with what we consider to be the best mortgage lenders and bankers in the industry (FHA, VA, First Time Home Buyer, Investor, Foreign Nationals and more).
    • If you have already been pre approved you can just send us your pre qualification letter, however, we always recommend you to shop around different lenders to see who can offer the best rate, term and lowest cost loan. Upfront lenders usually charge the least fees and expenses in the industry.
    • Property search and research to help you locate the best opportunities out there. We’ll prepare custom statistical reports with recent sales data, price per foot other helpful data to help you make the most informed decision.
    • Organizing and facilitating home viewing tours of properties of interest to you. We’ll show you ALL available properties including those listed in the MLS (see more about MLS below), bank owned properties, short sales, auction properties, for sale by owner properties and even off market properties.
    • Evaluating your needs and helping you locate additional properties or neighborhoods that might suit your needs.
    • Due diligence on the selected properties to identify any potential undesirables with the property.
    • Advising you on the appropriate offer structure to help to obtain the best possible terms and purchase price.
    • Preparing the offer contract and presenting it to the seller and it’s agent on your behalf.
    • Negotiating purchase price, contract terms & conditions.
    • Open escrow after your offer is accepted.




    • Review and delivery of various disclosure reports.
    • Investigation of the chain of title to the property to ensure you buy a home free and clear of issues and liens.
    • Review and delivery of HOA Docs.
    • Mortgage Approval & Funding.
    • Appraisal.
    • Coordinating various home inspections to ensure you buy a home in a desirable condition. These include a general home inspection, termite inspection, roof inspection and any other specific inspection the home might need.
    • Negotiating repairs, credits or concessions or terminating contract if any problem comes up during inspections.
    • Working with mortgage lenders, insurance agents, escrow officers and other third parties involved to facilitate a swift closing.
    • Verification of property condition prior to closing escrow and delivering keys to you.




MLS stands for “multiple listing service”. The MLS facilitates cooperation with broker and agent participants. It helps in the accumulation and distribution of property data to better serve clients, customers and the general public. The MLS is basically a database that lists all the properties available for sale and members (registered real estate agents and brokers like us) can access it at anytime. Most real estate transactions today happen thanks to the MLS.

In simple words when a seller hires a listing agent (seller’s agent) to list a property for sale this agent will input that property to the San Diego MLS. By doing this they are basically broadcasting their new listing to other agents that might be working with a potential buyer for that property. The information is also displayed on the various websites that offer MLS access (our website offers full and unrestricted MLS access and is refreshed every day with new and updated property listings).

The commission that the seller agreed to pay the listing agent in their listing agreement is then split with the buyer’s agent that procured the buyer. This means that you can use our services at no cost to you as a buyer.

In our website you gain complete & unrestricted access to the MLS so you can view ALL available listing offered for sale by all real estate agencies in San Diego county including volume listing franchises (Prudential, Remax, etc), boutique brokerages, independent brokers, discount brokers, rebate brokers, corporate investors, banks & more. Our website is refreshed every day with new and updated property listings.


Interested in receiving more information related to our home buyer services?
Please fill out our San Diego Home Buyer Questionnaire.

Our San Diego home buyer services are free to you as a buyer.

Who pays for our services?
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