Our Technology

As technology and the Internet become increasingly important in our lives we make it a priority to implement the latest technology in real estate search, real estate sales, real estate marketing, client communications, transaction and client relationship management. We take pride in offering a custom suite of the latest technology available in the industry today helping us maximize efficiency and continuously improve the client service experience.

Our platform integrates the latest technologies including cloud based computing, IDX Technology, Microsoft Exchange, Salesforce CRM, Docusign , Google Docs, Dropbox, Skype, eFax, Ring Central PBX and more. Using this custom suite of technology solutions also enables us to be a virtual and paperless company. This means that our clients and us can schedule home tours, review paperwork and sign documents from virtually anywhere using a smart phone, tablet or any other type of mobile device or computer.

Shall a client prefer a more traditional approach to the real estate transaction we also offer first class services including but not limited to overnight document delivery via courier, traditional fax and in person document signing at the comfort of the client’s home or at our offices.

Our advanced use of technology also helps us be constantly connected to our customers and clients making it really easy for us to be reached and replying back to inquiries in record times.

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Mobile Technology

Our websites and online marketing platforms are fully responsive and adaptive to mobile devices and tablets. With 50% of online traffic coming from a combination of mobile devices and tablets, it is of critical importance to offer an online browsing experience that adapts to the type of device being used. By offering responsive and adaptive online marketing solutions we maximize the exposure that our listings receive from potential buyers across all platforms and device types.

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