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We are a boutique Real Estate agency offering exclusive buyer services. As your San Diego Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA) we pride ourselves in offering personalized Real Estate services carried out with discretion, integrity and complete confidentiality.

We never represent sellers of Real Estate, only buyers, allowing you to hire us to work with you exclusively in the purchase of your home. That way you can rest assured that you will have a qualified professional looking only after your bests interests without the conflict of dual agency. Our services are free to you as a buyer.

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San Diego Exclusive Buyer Agent

Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate are usually confused about the role and responsibilities of Real Estate Agents, whom they represent and their relationship and fiduciary responsibilities to them. Laws vary from State to State but in California it is legal to enter into a DUAL AGENCY AGREEMENT with a Real Estate Agent or Broker.

 Even though we do not recommend anyone to enter into a DUAL AGENCY AGREEMENT with a Real Estate Agent it could happen as a result of different circumstances.

When a listing agent (that is the person obtaining a listing agreement to list a home for sale) also represents the buyer of a property, it creates a relationship called DUAL AGENCY. This could arise for example as a result of a buyer driving by a home and calling the number listed on the for sale sign on the property. It could also happen when a buyer walks by a Broker’s office and sees a listing hanging from that Broker’s window and then inquires about a specific listing by walking into that broker’s office.

It is easy to see why this situation would not benefit either the seller or the buyer of the property. The basic role of the agent representing the seller of the property (THE LISTING AGENT) is to obtain the higher possible selling price and best contract terms for the seller and the basic role of the agent representing the buyer of the property (THE BUYER AGENT) is to obtain the lowest possible purchasing price and best contract terms for the buyer.

If an agent is representing both sides (DUAL AGENCY) in the transaction, how is it possible that this agent is looking after both parties’ best interest to the best of his/her abilities? Not possible.

Dual agency also happens when you hire a buyer’s agent who works for a traditional real estate brokerage. If this agent shows you a property that his brokerage represents (very likely as these are their own listings for which they could earn double the commission if they also represent the buyer) and you place an offer for this listing then the brokerage is acting as a dual agent.

In these situations, conflict of interest is most likely to occur, typically resulting in the loss of advocacy for both parties. Dual agents cannot operate in a fiduciary relationship with either party and must treat both sellers and buyers equally. It’s impossible to provide confidentiality AND full disclosure to two clients at the same time.

You want someone exclusively on your side of the table offering you FULL REPRESENTATION without any Bias.


Information on San Diego Real Estate Brokerage & Realtor Services
Agents that represent clients under a SINGLE AGENCY owe a fiduciary responsibility to their client. They cannot share confidential information with the other party and must use care and due diligence to perform his/her duties. They owe their clients loyalty and accountability.

Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA) work solely for buyers under a Single Agency Agreement, avoiding the conflicts of interest inherent in the traditional seller-oriented purchase transactions.

This unique relationship of committed trust and care assures buyers the best possible home buying experience.

An Exclusive Buyer Agent has no dual agenda. An EBA has your best interests in mind at all times specifically helping you to:

  • Locate and evaluate ALL properties including those listed in the MLS (which accounts for almost all real estate transactions) bank owned properties, short sales, auction properties, for sale by owner properties and even some unlisted properties (so called pocket listings).
  • There is absolutely no Bias in the selection of properties presented to a client as Exclusive Buyer Agents do not represent sellers or list properties for sale.
  • Negotiate the best price, conditions and terms.
  • Evaluate loans and financing options available to you. Refer you the appropriate mortgage professionals shall you need them.
  • Facilitate inspections, disclosures, contract compliance and the closing.




Information on San Diego Real Estate Broker ServicesMLS stands for “multiple listing service”. The MLS facilitates cooperation with broker and agent participants. It helps in the accumulation and distribution of property data to better serve clients, customers and the general public. The MLS is basically a database that lists all the properties available for sale and members (registered real estate agents and brokers like us) can access it at anytime. Most real estate transactions today happen thanks to the MLS.

In simple words when a seller hires a listing agent (seller’s agent) to list a property for sale this agent will input that property to the San Diego MLS. By doing this they are basically broadcasting their new listing to other agents that might be working with a potential buyer for that property. The information is also displayed on the various websites that offer MLS access (our website offers full and unrestricted MLS access and is refreshed every day with new and updated property listings).

The commission that the seller agreed to pay the listing agent in their listing agreement is then split with the buyer’s agent that procured the buyer. This means that you can use our services at no cost to you as a buyer.

In our site you gain complete & unrestricted access to the MLS so you can view ALL available listing offered for sale by all real estate agencies in San Diego county including volume listing franchises (Prudential, Remax, etc), boutique brokerages, independent brokers, discount brokers, rebate brokers, corporate investors, banks & more. Our website is refreshed every day with new and updated property listings.


How do we get paid?
Read more about compensation to exclusive buyer agents.

Looking to purchase a home in San Diego?
Read more about our San Diego home buyer services.