Pacific Gate 2021 Sold Condos

This post features a list a list of Pacific Gate recently sold condos that closed escrow during 2021. If we can answer any questions or help you with your research on Pacific Gate condos please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that the list only includes MLS (multiple listing service) registered sales and does not include sold off market listings or new construction sales done directly by the developer that where not inputted into the MLS.

PAcific San Diego 2021 Sold Listings

Search below for up to date recent condo sales data for all Pacific Gate condos sold in 2021. The average selling price for a Pacific Gate condo in 2021 was $2,087,606 or $1,178 per square foot.

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MLS #AddressBuildingBedsBathsSq FtList PriceSold PriceCOE Date Price Sq Ft
210003258888 W E Street 3502Pacific Gate342,608$4,199,000$4,050,0004/12/21 $1,553
PTP2102549888 W E ST 3703Pacific Gate332,034$3,400,000 - $3,650,000$3,650,0004/29/21 $1,794
210024995888 W E St 3501Pacific Gate432,315$3,850,000$3,625,0009/27/21 $1,566
210013241888 W E St 4001Pacific Gate432,315$3,884,000$3,600,0006/21/21 $1,555
210005433888 W E Street 3901Pacific Gate432,315$3,599,000$3,350,0004/29/21 $1,447
210004137888 W E Street 3102Pacific Gate331,806$3,199,000$3,100,0009/15/21 $1,717
210009554888 W E Street 3304Pacific Gate332,450$3,079,000$3,079,0006/29/21 $1,257
210004472888 W E Street 3101Pacific Gate331,770$2,995,000$2,750,0009/24/21 $1,554
210006045888 W E Street 2302Pacific Gate331,806$2,529,000$2,475,00011/23/21 $1,370
210002419888 W E Street 2401Pacific Gate331,770$2,424,900$2,375,0004/14/21 $1,342
210018250888 W E Street 2101Pacific Gate331,770$2,368,000$2,360,0009/30/21 $1,333
210012693888 W E Street 1501Pacific Gate331,770$2,100,000$2,100,0008/30/21 $1,186
210007604888 W E Street 1502Pacific Gate331,806$2,098,000$2,025,0008/12/21 $1,121
210010372888 W E Street 1701Pacific Gate331,770$2,000,000$1,930,0007/30/21 $1,090
210024325888 W E Street 3005Pacific Gate221,602$1,998,000$1,925,00011/18/21 $1,202
210029688888 W E Street 2805Pacific Gate221,602$1,899,000$1,899,00012/28/21 $1,185
210028270888 W E Street 2903Pacific Gate221,276$1,810,000$1,810,00011/3/21 $1,419
210021742888 W E St 2303Pacific Gate221,276$1,750,000$1,700,00011/19/21 $1,332
210026621888 W E St 2104Pacific Gate221,556$1,635,000$1,635,00010/18/21 $1,051
210001608888 W E Street 2705Pacific Gate221,602$1,689,000$1,600,0005/14/21 $999
210011441888 W E Street 1904Pacific Gate221,556$1,575,000$1,575,0006/30/21 $1,012
210007467888 W E Street 2403Pacific Gate221,276$1,599,900$1,569,0007/6/21 $1,230
210004133888 W E Street 2005Pacific Gate221,602$1,550,000$1,540,0008/9/21 $961
200051148888 W E Street 1704Pacific Gate221,556$1,499,000$1,425,0005/5/21 $916
210022549888 W E St 905Pacific Gate221,602$1,399,900$1,415,00012/13/21 $883
210022022888 W E Street 1706Pacific Gate221,390$1,399,000 - $1,439,000$1,400,00010/26/21 $1,007
210033521888 W E St 805Pacific Gate221,602$1,375,000$1,375,00012/17/21 $858
200048583888 W E Street 302Pacific Gate221,914$1,398,000$1,365,0003/26/21 $713
210019754888 W E Street 604Pacific Gate221,556$1,339,000$1,350,00012/2/21 $868
210004503888 W E Street 804Pacific Gate221,556$1,375,000$1,325,0007/14/21 $852
210018016888 W E Street 1306Pacific Gate221,390$1,279,000$1,289,0007/29/21 $927
210020925888 W E St 504Pacific Gate221,601$1,249,000$1,235,0008/23/21 $771
210012514888 W E Street 303Pacific Gate221,258$980,000$990,0006/16/21 $787

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