Makers-Quarter San Diego East Village

Makers Quarters will be anĀ urban mixed-use neighborhood with the East Village District of downtown San Diego located between 14th and 17th streets between Broadway and G Streets.

The multiphase project is being developed by a joint venture of three firms known as Lankford Phelps Portman, which includes San Diego-based Lankford & Associates Inc. Developers have not announced timetables or expected project costs, but the development would span more than five city blocks and likely be built out over the next decade.

This will be a great addition to the downtown San Diego real estate market as much needed new inventory of both residential, commercial and mixed use units become keep adding to the progress and development of the downtown metro area.

Concept drawings showed mixed-use buildings housing offices, apartments and retail spaces, and developers are looking to include an open marketplace with community gathering spots.

Based on preliminary information this project will include:

  • A 400-foot-tall residential high rise tower
  • Two mid-rise buildings with green roofs, mixing offices and residences.
  • Three low-rise, loft-style office buildings catering to the flexible, open floor plan desired by high-tech design and development firms.
  • A 100- to 150-room hotel.
  • A plaza incorporating the historic Coliseum Athletic Club at the southwest corner 15th and E streets.
  • A close link to East Village Green, a two-block public park planned by Civic San Diego


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