Jimbos San Diego

Downtown San Diego is a great place to live, we all know that. Downtown metro area is full of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, clubs, gyms and more. However as a newly developed metro area (most residential buildings were built past the year 2004) there are several things that as residents we would certainly appreciate to have in more variety. One of those things is the availability of supermarkets or grocery stores.

Downtown currently has two brand name supermarket chains including Albertsons in Market and 15th street and Ralphs located in Market and 1st Street. There is also a grocery outlet on Market and 11th but the variety is not great. When it comes to natural foods residents of downtown San Diego condos need to make a trip to Hillcrest or Point Loma to access stores such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Henry’s and others.

The good news is that starting October 16th 2013 there will be a Jimbo’s natural foods supermarket in Horton Plaza. The address will be 92 Horton Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101. This will be a great addition to downtown San Diego in general but residents of condos in the Marina will be the closest to the store including the Pinnacle, Harbor Club, Cityfront Terrace, Meridian and Horizons that are just blocks away.

Jimbo’s is a natural foods store offering the highest quality natural foods available. That means no refined sugars, avoidance of GMOs and no hydrogenated oils. They will also offer local and organic produce and will also feature a deli, bakery and juice bar.

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