The downtown San Diego area is growing and it is growing fast. In the past 10 years we have seen an influx of new high rise condominiums scattered around downtown’s 6 distinct neighborhoods.

The waterfront neighborhood for instance is known for having only luxury condominiums and they are all high rises. As a resident of one of this condominium complexes I know how windy it can truly get down in the waterfront district. I see stuff flying out of people’s balconies all the time (besides cigarette butts!!). Some examples are grill covers, furniture cushions and umbrellas. I also see furniture upside down or piled up on one end of the balcony depending how the wind is blowing that day. Patio plants typically get fully destroyed, dried up or tipped over causing the pot to break. See our post related to gardening considerations & ideas when living in a San Diego high rise.

This is not just annoying for the home owner to deal with but a hazard for neighbors and people walking below on street level.

Living in a San Diego high rise condo demands some etiquette. This etiquette not just refers to having your balcony nicely laid out so it does not become a visual burden to your neighbors (yes, many people think of a balcony or patio as a storage space and this can be quite a visual disturbance). Living in a high rise also requires taking some safety measures when setting up your outdoor urban space as high winds could cause some serious safety concerns if your balcony or outdoor space is not laid out properly.

Balcony furniture should be appropriate to the conditions and be strapped accordingly. Better yet, there are furniture options designed to sustain high wind. Outdoor iron furniture might be a bit more expensive than your typical plastic, wicker or rattan options but will not blow away and become a hazard during high winds.

Furniture cushions should be property strapped down or tied in the actual furniture piece.

Umbrellas should have the appropriate base and be closed when not in use. Bases made out of iron or cast concrete tend to be the best and most efficient against high winds.

BBQ covers should be on the grill and properly tied down when the grill is not in use.

Balcony accessories should be minimal and if present should be tied down, glued, attached or affixed to a heavy object or the balcony’s walls. This is specially important during the holidays, those Christmas ornaments will fly away very easily and they are typically made out of glass or ceramic. This could seriously hurt a pedestrian passing by.

Guide to Condos in Downtown San Diego.