Redevelopment Projects Around Pacific Gate

Pacific Gate will be a 41 floor condo building offering unparalleled luxury high rise living. As the Waterfront District continues to get redeveloped in the coming years many have expressed confusion and concern about what types of view they will get if they purchase a condo at Pacific Gate.

The following map can help identify the projects currently under construction or coming up around Pacific Gate. Click on any project photo for in depth information. The height of the project and type of project is also summarized to get an idea of how it might impact the views for condo buyers at Pacific Gate depending on orientation.

As Downtown experts we can carefully guide you to select the correct unit when taking into consideration all the construction that will be taking place around the subject property.

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Pacific Gate Condos San Diego



It is important to keep in mind that the downtown San Diego Waterfront is currently being re developed and what is there today within a block of the bay will not be there in the near future due to all the public and private redevelopment projects currently taking place. Below I summarize all the projects coming around Pacific Gate that can also be located on the map above.


LANE FIELD – Lane field is currently under development in the lot north west of Pacific Gate. Phase 1 (lane field north) is almost complete and includes a 17th floor hotel tower. Phase 2 (Lane Field South) will be the Intercontinental hotel reaching 19th floors and expected to break ground in the coming weeks.

Lane Field North Info
Lane Field South Info


NAVY BROADWAY COMPLEX (PACIFIC GATEWAY) – As detailed earlier in this update, this 8 block mega project will be a $1.3 billion undertaking and will transform the south west lots across from Pacific Gate. The tallest tower will be 29 floors and located on the block directly west across from Pacific Gate.

Navy Broadway Complex Info


BOSA Luxury Condos 1 – The lot directly north of Pacific Gate is owned by BOSA and current plans call for another luxury high rise condo tower expected to be a sister tower to Pacific Gate (just a bit taller with 45 floors). This project will probably break ground once Pacific Gate and BOSA’s next project Kettner and Ash are both completed.

BOSA Luxury Condos Project Info


BOSA Luxury Condos 2 – The lot directly south of Pacific Gate (where Office Depot is currently located) is owned by BOSA as well and although there are no current plans for it, we anticipate this will also be a luxury high rise condo tower in the future (7+ years as BOSA first develops other parcels with approved plans). Current zoning allows for a building 450 feet tall be built here so potentially the future high rise in this block could be approximately 30 to 40 floors high depending on ceiling heights.


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