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Best Pools in Downtown San Diego Luxury High Rise Buildings

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Photo of Downtown San Diego High Rise Luxury Condos

Luxury Condo Guide San Diego: Best Pools

I decided to add this post because so far this year this question came to my attention numerous times and it seems to be an important consideration for buyers or renters of San Diego luxury condos. I understand that not too many people will decide to rent or buy a condo based on the characteristics of its swimming pool but for many people it’s a very important feature (maybe because they need a lap pool for exercise, physical therapy or any other reason) so I decided to give my opinion here since it might he helpful to some of you out there.

Considering that there is no downtown San Diego gym that offers a lap pool (to the exception of Pure Fitness) this blog post might be of some use if you are looking to buy or rent a luxury condo in San Diego.

The Grande Condos San Diego Pool#1 – The Grande North & South Towers – Columbia District
The pool at The Grande is lap pool size so you can exercise in it. Another great feature on this luxury condo building is the deck area around the pool that is very spacious. You won’t feel that the person laying next to you is right in your face.
Another thing I really like is that this pool gets sun all day long. There is no building north or south of the pool that might block the sun in the morning or late afternoon hours. This is pretty significant and it makes it one of the few pool decks among all downtown san diego condos that offer such an open and tropical setting.
The gym, locker room, steam room and sauna are on the same level as the pool. It’s very pleasant to jump out of the pool, take a quick shower and get into the sauna for 10 or 15 minutes. The Grande by BOSA is one of the few San Diego luxury high rises to offer such a wide array of amenities.

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The Pinnacle Condos San Diego Pool

#2 – The Pinnacle Museum Tower – Marina District
The Pinnacle’s pool is just as long as one at The Grande towers so it’s an actual lap pool where you can get your exercise done.
It also has a very spacious deck around the pool with BBQ area.
The gym, Locker room, Steam room, Sauna & community room for private functions are all on the same level as the pool.
The only drawback that I find at The Pinnacle’s pool is that the actual tower is west of the pool so in the afternoon half the pool loses sun pretty early on.

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Cityfront Terrace Condos San Diego Pool

#3 – Cityfront Terrace – Marina District
Cityfront Terrace has two pools. One is a lap sized pool and the other one a dipping pool just to hang out. This is a great feature about this San Diego luxury condo building.
The common grounds around the pool at Cityfront Terrace make you feel like you are in a resort. This building has some of the best common areas in downtown and they recently did an extensive remodel which looks amazing.

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Harbor Club Condos San Diego Pool

#4 – Harbor Club – Marina District
The pool at Harbor Club Condos in San Diego is an actual lap sized pool as well with a great deck around it filed with loungers, chairs and a very cool fire pit.
The gym is right on the same level and just a few steps away from the pool which is a plus.
Because the pool is surrounded by the two Harbor Club towers you might notice that you lose a bit of sun specially in the late afternoon.

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Bayside Condos San Diego Pool

#5 – Bayside – Columbia District
The pool deck at Basyside by BOSA has a cool design and layout with nice and trendy loungers, a BBQ area and cool outdoor furniture. The actual pool is not lap sized but has a pretty decent size for cooling down in the water and just hanging around.
All of Bayside’s amenities (gym, locker room, community room, screening room,  juice bar, sauna, steam room, conference room, wine room) are all on the same level as the pool.
The Bayside condo tower is south of the pool so it won’t block the sun and allow you to get sun all day long until sunset.

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Electra Condos San Diego Pool

#6 – Electra – Columbia District
The pool at Electra luxury condos in downtown San Diego is certainly not lap sized but a pretty good size overall. The spacious deck around the pool makes it very comfortable for people to spread out and not be so close to each other.
The gym, locker room, sauna and steam room are on the same level.
There is a very nice green space with fire pits and BBQ area on the same level as the pool. This is great for entertaining.
Electra’s condo tower (a BOSA high rise) is located north of the pool so here you’ll also get sun all day long.
The pool is located on the 5th floor so you get pretty nice San Diego bay and city views from the pool deck.

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